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Classic Magic – The Larry Jennings Video DVD

Larry Jennings was one of the most prolific creators of close-up and card magic the world has ever known. For over 35 years, his name was synonymous with the upper echelon of the magic world. As one of Dai Vernon’s foremost students, he created magical effects that have become standards in just about every magician’s repertoire. The material on this broadcast-quality video is considered to be Larry’s most cherished effects—his most classic material—the magic that has made Larry Jennings one of the most enduring and respected names in all magic.

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Larry Jennings – Thoughts on Cards

With this critically-acclaimed video, you’ll learn methods which took thirty years of practice to develop. Effects which rise to new levels of ingenuity and deception. Effects which for years have baffled magicians and laymen alike. Simple, yet highly-original plots; seemingly impossible card problems solved with elegant mechanics, seamless sleight-of-hand, and synthesized with naturalness and humor. Best of all, you’ll be in the audience as Larry devastates a crowd in the Close-Up Gallery of The Magic Castle. It’s your chance to witness card work of legendary expertise, performed live and under fire. Here then, is a performance for all time—and the diabolical methods which made it all possible.

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The Dazzler by Don Banks

A packet of four cards is shown; an indifferent card is shown on the bottom. The magician proceeds to place the indifferent card in various locations of the packet, making it magically come to the top each time ala an ambitious card effect! The spectator suspects all cards are alike. The magician confirms the suspicion as he shows that the backs of all the cards appear blue on both sides of each card, front and back. All are alike! The magician dazzles the spectator by changing all faces into sparkling reflective surfaces! A flashy eye-popping finish and the most magic you can have with only four cards! Based on Darwin Ortiz’s Jumping Gemini. Sleight of hand required.
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The Hole Card by Don Banks

An incredible penetration of two cards! A folded card with two holes is shown. Another card with a back of contrasting color is also shown. The latter card is inserted between the fold of the former. It then magically penetrates the folded card! The penetration is visually enhanced by the existence of the holes. Perfect for walk-around magic and fun for all age groups.

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Johnny Thompson’s Commercial Classics


Johnny Thompson is one of the last of the living legends in his era. There is only on Vernon, Miller, Elmsley, Jennings, Marlo, and only one Thompson. Fortunately, ten years ago Johnny documented FOUR VOLUMES and nearly his entire close-up repertoire. This is a collection of private magic lessons from one of the formative figures in our art. it boggles the mind how these volumes are not in the collection of EVERY serious magician.

“I have learned more from John Thompson than from any other source in the world. Now you, too, can learn from the master!” -Lance Burton

“The material contained in these videos is made up of classic effects which have stood the test of time and performance and therefore can truly be deemed commercial. They are effects that I’ve successfully used throughout my career and, in most instances, the moves, routines and handlings were garnered directly from the authors. It is, in my estimation, some of the best close-up, parlor, walk-around and stage magic that has ever been developed and the authors are a virtual Who’s Who of magic that run the gamut from Allerton to Zarrow, wth a great deal of Vernon in between. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy learning and performing these wonderful Commercial Classics as much as I have.” -Johnny Thompson

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