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The Essential Dai Vernon – Deluxe Edition

The Essential Dai Vernon Deluxe Edition

Found in the L&L Warehouse! 52 copies of The Essential Dai Vernon – Deluxe Edition.

Dai Vernon was the most influential magician of the 20th century.

His vision helped to define and raise the artistry of close-up and platform magic to a degree unequalled by any other magician then or today. His thinking pushed magic into the modern era. His contribution to magic was essential to its refinement and growth. His own magic is perhaps the most important-indeed essential-body of work ever produced for the art. This single, mammoth volume contains all the Vernon classics written by Lewis Ganson:

  • The Dai Vernon Book of Magic
  • Inner Secrets of Card Magic
  • More Inner Secrets of Card Magic
  • Further Inner Secrets of Card Magic
  • Dai Vernon’s Ultimate Secrets of Card Magic
  • Dai Vernon’s Tribute to Nate Leipzig
  • Malini and His Magic
  • Dai Vernon’s Symphony of the Rings
  • . . . and the remarkable, “Vernon Scrapbook,”

More than 70 pages of rare photos, correspondence and memorabilia! Almost 1100 pages of the finest magic from the most respected magician of our time.

These 52 copies of the Deluxe Edition were found without the special tipped-in page autographed by Vernon himself which we originally offered.

So they are not signed and they are not numbered. But in every other respect this beautiful volume matches previous collector’s editions from L&L.

It is a work of art – gold-foil stamped, special matching end papers, different binding than the regular edition.


Only $175 – BUY NOW

And the first 30 orders will also receive a matching slipcase!


New World’s Greatest Magic Set – Triumph!

World's Greatest Magic - Triumph
Each Volume Only $19.95 Each!

If card magicians were to make a list of what they believed were the most powerful effects in card magic, Dai Vernon’s Triumph would almost certainly be on every list. Though the plot of Triumph – cards mixed face-up and face-down magically righting themselves while at the same time revealing a selected card – was almost certainly not new at the time, Vernon’s elegant method was. Triumph was first published in 1946 as part of the Stars of Magic series of manuscripts, taking the magic world by storm, and ever since, magic creators have been putting their own presentational and methodological spins on this indisputable classic card trick.

Triumph remains popular with card magicians because audiences simply love it. They’re generally stunned by the mixed-up cards magically righting themselves, so much so that the fact that their selected card is also found becomes almost secondary. In short, it’s a card trick that looks like real magic and on this video, you’ll watch and learn from some of the best card magicians in the world showing you how to do perhaps the greatest card trick ever invented.

Click here to purchase Volume 1
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The Entire Collection of World’s Greatest Magic DVDs!

L&L Publishing’s critically-acclaimed DVD series The World’s Greatest Magic by the World’s Greatest Magicians has been called the most comprehensive magic reference work ever committed to video. Never before has the work of so many legendary magicians – some sadly no longer with us – been compiled in one place and on such a wide diversity of subjects.

This amazing library, now consisting of some 86 volumes, features renowned performers such as Dai Vernon, Johnny Thompson, Tommy Wonder, Alex Elmsley, Juan Tamariz, Larry Jennings, and many, many others performing and teaching magic’s timeless effects. Cards, coins, close-up, stage magic, cups and balls, silk magic – whatever your specialty or interest – you’ll find volumes of The World’s Greatest Magic series that will provide the very best in magic instruction on that specific topic.

Because of their popularity, many of The World’s Greatest Magic volumes are frequently out of print but now, for the first time, you can own the entire set – that’s all 86 volumes, a 1715.70 value – for just $999.00 A Incredible savings of $716.70 They’re all in stock right now (for the first time in quite a while!) and ready to become your post-graduate course in the best magic ever created – and at this unprecedented special price! No other discounts to apply to this offer.

Click here to order your set today and to read the complete list!

You can also order by calling 1-800-626-6572

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All New World’s Greatest Magic Titles!

The World’s Greatest Magic – Ace Assemblies

Ace Assemblies

Just $19.95 each!

The invention of the classic trick where the four Aces are deal face down, three indifferent cards are dealt onto each, yet the Aces mysteriously gather into one of the packets, is usually attributed to the French magician Conus. However, ever since its original publication in 1853, magicians are still coming up with amazing variations of this timeless effect and enchanting audiences with them to this day.


On this DVD, you’ll meet six magicians who each have their own singular take on the Ace Assembly plot. First up is Bill Malone with an amazing and quite visual version that has a method that will make you smile. Then, Bruce Cervon ups the ante by using Aces with opposite-colored backs while Alex Elmsley causes the Aces to not only assemble but to do so in a spectator’s hand! Dan Harlan is next with a variation that also uses odd-backed Aces in an unbelievably fair sequence that looks like real magic while Simon Aronson provides a graphic demonstration of why you never let anyone touch your Poker hand. Finally, James Swain closes out this volume with a version where a spectator actually chooses the packet into which the Aces assemble.

Click here to order Volume 1


On this DVD, you’ll meet five magicians who each have their own singular take on the Ace Assembly plot. First up is Bill Malone with an Ace assembly that is so clean that it does, indeed, almost look like trick cards are in use. Next, Steve Draun adds an amazingly visual ending to Marlo’s Bluff assembly while Trevor Lewis switches the Aces’ final destination at the last moment for a surprising finish to a fairly easy-to-do routine. John Guastaferro is next with a version where the Aces not only assemble but actually do so in the card case while Martin Nash’s Aces do the same under a spectator’s hand. Finally, Bill Malone returns with a technically-challenging but eye-popping routine where the Aces suddenly – and visibly – appear in the leader packet.

Click here to order Volume 2


On this DVD, you’ll meet six magicians who each have their own singular take on the Ace Assembly plot. First up is Bill Malone with a squeaky-clean assembly that’s surprisingly easy to do. Darwin Ortiz is next with an update version of his classic routine where the Aces vanish and reassemble under increasingly impossible conditions. Petrick (of Petrick and Mia fame) is up next with an elegant Ace assembly with many visual flairs while Paul Wilson follows with an assembly routine that could only be described as instantaneous. Not to be outdone, David Regal is next with an Ace assembly that’s even faster while Harry Lorayne finishes the volume with a revved-up version of a Peter Kane classic.

Click here to order Volume 3

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Dai Vernon Revelations 30th Anniversary Boxed Set

Complete Set Includes:
The 17 original volumes re-mastered on 8 DVDs
Vernon Lectures – 1973, 1976, 1977 restored on 3 DVDs
Vintage Vernon Audio Tapes, Now on Four CDs
Notes on Dai Vernon’s Farewell Lecture by Dr. Gene Matsuura
1983 Videonics Catalog Facsimile

For full product information, please check out this web page:

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