The Last Word on Three Card Monte

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The Last Word On Three Card Monte – Volumes 1-3

The Last Word on Three Card Monte

Games of chance have a rich and colorful history but perhaps the most famous – and notorious – of them all is the simple three-in-one proposition game known alternatively as Find the Lady, Tossing the Broads, and most popularly, Three-Card Monte. While written descriptions of early versions of this classic con game date back to at least the 16th century, Three-Card Monte hustlers are on the streets of the world’s largest cities to this day, still able to draw the unsuspecting into wagering their hard-earned cash, a testimony to the lure and intrigue of this game. The entertainment potential of this simple hustle didn’t escape the notice of magicians, either, with Professor Hoffman being just the first of many conjurors to adapt the basic premise of this con game for the amusement of their audiences.

Volume 1 features:
Dai Vernon
Fernando Keops
Steve Draun
David Regal
John Guastaferro
Gregory Wilson
Henry Evans
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Volume 2 features:
Bill Malone
Boris Wild
Alexander de Cova
Harry Lorayne
Garrett Thomas
John Luka
Michael Ammar
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Volume 3 features:
Jon Armstrong
John Mendoza
Darwin Ortiz
Doc Eason
Dan Harlan
Patrick Page
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