Richard Osterlind – Live Without a Net

Richard Osterlind Live without a net


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Richard Osterlind
Live . . . Without a Net!

Richard Osterlind . . . Captured “Live” in Reno, NV!


For the first time on DVD, you’ll see Richard Osterlind in his natural performing environment, presenting startling mentalism and amazing magic for an audience made up entirely of people who happened to be frequenting a casino in Reno, Nevada.

First, you’ll first see him perform a full evening stage show in a comedy club and for the guests at an exclusive after-show party. Finally, you’ll witness some incredible street magic-style performances for passers-by in the concourse of the casino! All of the performances on these DVDs were shot without any retakes or editing for you to accurately see what a top pro can do in actual working environments!

Then, Richard, along with co-host Jim Sisti, delves into not only how these amazing effects were accomplished but also the real secrets of what makes this material so effective for lay audiences.

It’s all live…and without a net!

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