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Constant Fooling - Book Set


David Regal is a magician and writer. His previous book, Close-Up & Personal (Hermetic Press,1999, currently out of print), was embraced by the magic fraternity, becoming a bestseller. In 1987, he had the honor of having the first book devoted to his magic, Star Quality: The Magic of David Regal, written by Harry Lorayne. His effects are sold around the world, and have entered the repertoires of some of today’s top professionals. Last year his 3-volume video series (in DVD and VHS), The Magic of David Regal, was produced and released by L&L Publishing to resounding critical acclaim. Mr. Regal has written for television shows ranging from Rugrats (head writer) to Everybody Loves Raymond. He lives in Burbank, California, and is a frequent performer at Hollywood’s Magic Castle.

A two-part compendium of magic with cards, coins and a whole lot more encompassing over twenty years of creations from one of magic's most innovative minds—David Regal. Volume One contains a collection of powerful card magic utilizing unprepared cards, David’s startling Cups & Balls routine from his Magic Castle Act and a chapter devoted entirely to magic done with neither cards nor coins.

• Multiple spectators shuffle an ordinary deck, which is then held under a spectator’s hand, yet the magician has correctly predicted the top card. • The magician, standing behind the table with empty hands, causes a signed selection to penetrate the tabletop. • A selection is placed between four Aces held in the hands, then jumps to the center of a pile of Kings already on the table. • The magician pockets four-of-a-kind selected by a spectator, then spreads the Aces in a face-up fan. Visually, in an instant, the cards change places. • A spectator cuts the deck multiple times, arriving at his own phone number. • Two volunteers cut to and turn over the four aces—a new method for a classic effect. You may fool yourself! • A cotton ball is plucked from a spectator’s clothing, then changes into a handkerchief. • A card case is turned into a magical box that allows a spectator’s ring to penetrate onto a pencil. • A pet mouse terrifies the audience on its way to locating a spectator’s selected playing card. • A borrowed ring vanishes and appears threaded on a luggage tag. In addition, there are card effects contributed by William Goodwin, R. Paul Wilson, John Lovick and Gordon Bean, plus, as noted, a fully detailed Cups & Balls routine which possesses a unique wrinkle. Hardbound with full color dustjacket, 232 pages.

Volume 2 of Constant Fooling contains an assortment of unique card magic utilizing prepared or altered cards, mental mysteries, a chapter dedicated to exceptional card effects which utilize a technological breakthrough, bills and currency, gaffed decks and a standout card routine which tells a story. Continue fooling your audiences with the following: • A spectator freely deals down to a “Lucky Card”—that happens to match the card in the magician’s wallet. • The deck is tossed onto a small but lethal mousetrap which snaps shut—trapping the selection as cards scatter. • A late psychic’s scrap of paper predicts the actions of a spectator. • A freely-selected card rises from a deck, using a gimmick you can make in one minute. • Spectators randomly deal the deck into piles, perfectly separating the four suits! • Fifty-one cards are eliminated in the fairest possible manner from an examined deck, leaving a single card that matches a prediction. Mr. Regal’s favorite platform item. • A signed playing card changes places with a pocketed Joker—with clean hands and no palming. • A signed card rises to the top of a deck that is tied with string. The deck can then be used for further miracles. • A borrowed bill cleanly changes into a hundred dollar bill, via a new method that doesn’t utilize a thumb tip. • A story of life “after hours” is told with a deck of cards. A showpiece guaranteed to garner applause. Hardbound, full color dustjacket, 239 pages.

Constant Fooling - Book Set
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