Hanafuda Games Hanami Edition


Learn how to play Hanafuda!

Hanafuda Games Hanami Edition is an in-depth collection of 37 great games, including popular games such as Koi-Koi, Go-Stop, and Hachi-Hachi.

Organized into categories by type and difficulty, this step-by-step rulebook includes intuitive scoring samples, visual references, numerous variants, game play samples, and quick reference charts.

This book features the art of the Hanami deck series. The Hanami decks are available in Hanafuda and Fusion formats.

Rulebook features:
37 games,
236 pages
70# paper
8.5" x 11" x 0.6"
Perfect bound
Quick reference charts
Scoring samples

Rulebook includes the following 37 games:

Capture Games are the most popular Hanafuda games. Capture games involve capturing cards from a field and creating yaku (special combinations of cards) to score points.

Simplified Game for Beginners (Absolute Beginner, 2-4 players)
Matching Flowers (Beginner, 2-3 players)
Hana-Awase 1 (Beginner, 3-4 players)
Hana-Awase 2 (Beginner, 3 players)
Mushi (Beginner, 2 players)
Six Hundred (Beginner, 2-3 players)
Hachi-juu Hana (Beginner, 2-3 players)
Min-Hwatu (Intermediate, 2-3 players)
Koi-Koi (Intermediate, 2 players)
Oni Koi-Koi (Intermediate, 2 players)
Higo-Bana (Intermediate, 2-7 players)
Tensho, simplified (Intermediate, 2 players)
Go-Stop (Expert, 2-7 players)
Hachi-Hachi (Expert, 2-7 players)
Sudaoshi (Expert, 3 players)
Hachi, simplified (Expert, 2 players)
Hachi (Expert, 2 players)
Tensho (Expert, 2 players)

Sequence Games involve playing cards from your hand in sequential order with the objective of emptying your hand.

Poka (Beginner, 2 players)
Hiyoko, simplified (Beginner, 2-4 players)
Isuri, simplified (Beginner, 2-3 players)
Kage (Beginner, 2 players)
Hiyoko (Intermediate, 2-4 players)
Isuri (Intermediate, 2-3 players)

Luck Games are simple, fast-paced, gambling-oriented games. Many of the games in this section were traditionally played with Kabufuda decks.

Sutda, simplified (Beginner, 2-10 players)
Hiki-Kabu (Beginner, 2-10 players)
Oicho-Kabu (Beginner, 2-10 players)
Kyo-Kabu (Beginner, 2-10 players)
Kingo (Beginner, 2-10 players)
Sota (Intermediate, 2-6 players)
Sutda (Intermediate, 2-10 players)

Fusion Games are a collection of Western-inspired games that we reinterpreted and designed for gameplay with a Hanafuda deck. These games provide a familiar platform for Western players to become more comfortable with the Hanafuda deck.

Seasons (Beginner, 1-4 players)
Pyramid (Beginner, 1 players)
Solitaire (Intermediate, 1 players)
Eight Off (Intermediate, 1 players)
Hana-Rumi (Intermediate, 2-4 players)
Hana-Gin (Intermediate, 2-4 players)

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