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Radical Korn by Chris Korn


Chris Korn is perhaps the brightest rising young star on the magic horizon. He's been hiding in the Underground for many years but in 2004 the world will see him explode onto the national celebrity scene with a series of shows on the Travel Channel and a multitude of appearances on major talk shows. He's handsome, debonair and an extremely talented magician with a bent sense of humor. One thing is for sure; you'll find four of the most visual, practical, high impact tricks from Chris' working repertoire that will soon find their way into all of your shows.
Radical Korn includes

3 Korn Vanish: This mainstay of Chris' walk-around set for years is slick, deceptive and practical.
Brutal Deck Switch: Simply the best thought of card routine in the universe. Chris teaches the most diabolical methods with an attention to detail that will leave you gasping for air!
She Holds the Money: Of course you can vanish coins, but in this outstanding showpiece, the spectator does it with no clue to how it was done.
Coppa Silva: It's simple and elegant with props you already own, but now you'll have the real work on how to blow their minds! $34.95 (DVD only) Both volumes, $65.00

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