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Lance Burton's Magic Made Easy! Volume 1 - DVD


Lance Burton Magic Made Easy DVD #1

You want to amaze your friends and family with a few magic tricks. Perhaps you have dreamed of becoming a professional Magician, entertaining audiences in theaters and nightclubs around the world. Where do you begin? How do you go about learning Magic?

With Lance Burton's Magic Made Easy Volume 1, the Master Magician himself personally teaches you 20 mind-boggling magic tricks. These illusions are easy to do, no sleight of hand required. Although simple to execute, these magic tricks will have high impact on your audience. Best of all, these amazing feats can all be done using ordinary household items. No expensive props! No sleight-of-hand.

* Floating Your Assistant in the Air * The Houdini Strait Jacket Escape * Sawing a Lady in Half * Change Confetti into Candy * Amazing Close-up Coin Tricks * Unbelievable Card Tricks * Mind Reading

Bonus Trick

The Secret of Self-Levitation What will your friends think when you float...right in front of them? Running Time: Approximately 1hr 34mins

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