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The Casino Deck – Mark Jenest


The trick combines several effects with an interesting story line about gambling in Vegas.
The performer displays a deck of cards from a Las Vegas casino, and invites a spectator to see who can cut the highest card.
The spectator cuts at any point, and finds an indifferent card – for example a “10”.
The performer then cuts immediately to an “Ace”! The spectator once again cuts to a lower card, while the performer easily cuts to another “Ace”!
The deck is then turned face up and the performer cuts directly to the “Four Aces”! Saying if it were that easy, I’d have my own casino
The performer shows that the backs of the cards now display their own name instead of the “Casino Name”!
And as a kicker, all of the cards have changed into “Aces”! The performers exclaims, “When you’re at my casino every one is a winner!”

The Gimmick Casino Deck does the magic! Easy to do!

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