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Ultra Bolt & Nut Miracle


Ultra Bolt & Nut Miracle

The magician displays a metal nut and bolt, which can be examined by the audience. A spectator then threads the bolt through the nut, which is placed on the table, and can be isolated if you wish by covering it with a clear glass tumbler. At the magician's command, the bolt mysteriously spins, and visibly un-threads from the nut.

The effect has been performed before, using invisible thread, elastic bands, gravity pulls etc. This method is completely different, using no attachments of any type to the bolt and nut. The unit is operated by remote control, - literally at the press of a secret switch. Because of this different mechanism, you can make the bolt thread into or out of the nut if you please.

The Ultra Bolt & Nut Miracle is not for the casual performer.
Although mechanical in working, some set-up is necessary, and some handling practice to get the most out of this truly miraculous magic illusion. For the performer willing to put in a little effort, the reward will be an absolutely incredible close-up illusion, right under the spectator's noses.

Ultra Bolt & Nut Miracle comes to you complete with all the necessary requirements (except two pen light batteries), with detailed illustrated instructions.

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