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Disk Escape


No matter which disk they choose, it's the ONLY one that comes off the cord!

Brass Disk Escape

The routine is simple: let your spectator choose any one of six different color disks.
All of the disks are placed into the brass tube.
A cord is fed through the tube, and through the holes in the disks.
The spectator holds both ends of the cord.

And now the magic happens!
You simply open the brass tube- and five of the disks are still strung on the cord.
One of the disks falls loose to the table- it's the disk that the spectator chose!

This one is VERY easy- it works every time!
It does not matter which disk is chosen!
If you can put the disks in the tube, you can do this amazing trick!

Here's what you'll get:Disk Escape (Brass tube, Brass/colored disks and cord) ~ Printed instructions

And that's all you need!

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