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The Art of Close Up Levitation 2 - No Strings Attached


You asked for it and now you have it! The complete training manual on methods to levitate without the hassle of stripping thread that might break in the middle of your performance. No book has gone this in-depth into the subject. Learn Dan Harlan's method to suspend a borrowed deck of cards. This can be done totally surrounded and everything is immediately examinable! Imagine putting a small doll in the palm of your hand and it rises 3 inches off your hand, without threads! There are ten routines that guarantee to destroy your audience! Nothing gets a stronger reaction than floating effects. Each trick is a reputation maker! Each includes the method, routine, and psychology, nothing is left out! Contributors include some of the top inventors in magic, including Dan Harlan, Phil Kannen and Gary Darwin. Bonus - The $1.25 Self Levitation is included. Using a gadget you can buy from any discount store, you can now float close up! Perfect for restaurants or trade shows. This is a gimmick a top trade show performer is using in all his shows. Worth the price of the book!

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