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Gary Ouellet has written several excellent books and he was also the producer of the World’s Greatest Magic television specials. He was most knowledgeable in all aspects of magic and was a great teacher.

The first effect in this series is called Three Second Wonder followed by a surprise. This is basically an Ace-cutting effect that looks great and is followed by something you will use whenever performing with a deck of cards. In this routine, you will learn the Ouellet False Cut.

The second effect is more than an effect—it is a complete routine with a Ring and Rope. Here Gary has taken the basic ring on/off rope and turned it into an entertaining piece of magic.

Next you will be entertained by the Washer Routine and the Wiffle Dust Routine. These are two coin routines that include the following moves: the Retinal Vanish, the Revolve Drop, the French Canadian Drop, the Al Schneider Retinal Drop, the Stand-Up Vanish plus the terrific Box Coin Vanish!

Next, the Sponge Balls and Banana routine. This is a clean, direct and simple sponge ball routine. in this routine, Gary will teach you the Flying Imp Pass and two sponge ball vanishes.

This routine is followed by the Miracle Signed Card in Purse. As the name implies, it is a signed card in purse, but what a routine!

Capricorn Card will teach you the Couture Spin Control and Gary's jog control from his book, Finger on the Card, followed by the Silver Passage.

The Silver Passage is a coins through table routine that has to be seen to be believed! All we can say about this routine is, wow!

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