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Realms (Red) Playing Cards


All beings experience rebirth within the six realms. Desires and ignorance culminate in karma that determines whether beings will reincarnate in the realm of the devas, asuras, or the realms of the animals, the hungry ghosts or hell. Nirvana awaits those who are born into the realm of the humans.

The Realms Playing Cards portrays a visual allegory of Samsara, the beginning-less cycle of rebirth through a clean and classic stylistic form that exudes a distinctive Oriental perspective.

This is a fully custom deck of playing cards featuring:

Gold and silver foil on tuck case
Metallic gold and silver ink on cards
Custom foil seal
Embossing on tuck case
Custom court cards (JQK), Jokers and Aces
Printed by Expert Playing Card Company (EPCC) on their Damask Finish paper stock

Neither version will be reprinted

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