Easy To Master DVD Series

Learn Magic from the groundbreaking Easy To Master Series!

The experts agree that our Easy To Master series is one of the best ways to learn the classics of magic & mentalism. Every magic trick, card trick and mentalism trick on these DVDs are handpicked by the top professionals in magic. They are designed to get you up and running very quickly.

Whether you want to learn card tricks, tricks with money, float things or create the illusion of psychic ability, there is an Easy To Master magic DVD that is just right for you!

Michael Ammar’s Easy To Master Card Miracles

Simply the greatest collection of powerful card magic ever. This is the easiest way to learn the best card tricks, the card tricks performed by the pros! World Champion Michael Ammar, a best-selling author, award winning lecturer, and world-class perfomer, handpicked each effect. The production quality, multiple camera angles and up-close Super Practice Sessions make learning easier than ever before.

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Michael Ammar’s Easy To Master Money Miracles

Money magic is THE perfect magic to do at a moment’s notice. Everyone is interested in money and with this series you will always be ready to amaze people. A rich collection of powerful money magic – both new and classic. The very best of practical yet astonishing routines you can carry in your pocket or wallet.

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Michael Ammar’s Easy To Master Thread Miracles: Close-Up Animations & Levitations
No matter what type of magic you perform, from the purest sleight of hand to the largest grand illusions, this is the type of magic that creates conversations and reputations. Continuing in the Easy to Master tradition, this new set of videos is organized in a very structured fashion, taking the viewer from simple animations with short lengths of thread that can be easily set up and managed through intermediate effects that are a bit more involved and finally ending up with elaborate effects that are truly mind-bending.

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Michael Ammar’s Easy To Master Business Card Miracles
Make every business card a memorable memento by magically producing, printing, restoring or levitating it as you hand it out. This is a powerful collection of magical surprises that can be performed with any normal business card.

Thousands of business cards are handed out every day, yet the ideas taught here can make your business card unforgettable!

Easy To Master Business Card Miracles

Richard Osterlind’s Easy To Master Mental Miracles
The magic and mentalism community are extremely fortunate to be able to watch and learn from Richard Osterlind on how these classic effects are to be performed and the reasoning and philosphy involved in the methodology. Mr. Osterlind brings to these DVDS, and to the classic effects, his decades of experience and devotion to magic and mentalism that are truly invaluable.

Mental Miracles Volume 1

Mental Miracles Volume 2

Mental Miracles Volume 3

Mental Miracles Volume 4