Learn Card Tricks

card tricksThere’s never been a better time in the history of magic to learn card tricks. Card tricks have a rich history in magic and go back centuries. Card tricks have been called “the poetry of magic” because magic that can be created with cards is very elegant and visual. Through books and DVDs, card magic has become easier to learn than ever before. While DVDs aren’t a substitute for practicing, they aid in teaching what the card trick should look like and breaks down each step for easier understanding.

52 Cards and Each One Tells a Different Story

Card magic is one of the most versatile forms of magic. Typically people think of ‘pick-a-card’ tricks, but that only scratches the surface of what’s possible with a deck of cards. Selected cards can vanish, reappear in different impossible locations, change into other cards and so much more. Card magic may not involve people selecting cards, but rather just with the four aces or just three cards, such as in the 3 Card Monte, a popular street hustle that transforms from hustle to miracle in the hands of a skilled magician.

When thinking of card tricks it’s typically considered to be “close-up magic”, magic performed for only a few people at a time. However there are many card tricks that can be performed in front of larger groups with the same impact as close-up magic. With just a deck of card and an understanding of the fundamentals of doing card tricks you can have a powerful and entertaining tool that literally fits in your pocket.

Learning Card Tricks

Jumping into card magic for the first time can be intimidating. There are so many choices that it can become confusing and frustrating very easily. It’s easy for the beginner or even the intermediate magician to jump past the basics and the classics heading full steam towards what is perceived as the “latest and greatest”. With a solid foundation in card magic, you will have a better understanding the art of card magic. L&L Publishing has a great selection to get you started in the right direction.

The Royal Road To Card Magic

The Royal Road To Card MagicIf you are If you are seriously interested in learning card magic, there is no better place to start than The Royal Road to Card Magic with R. Paul Wilson.

Since its initial publication, The Royal Road to Card Magic by Jean Hugard and Frederick Braue has been regarded as the most complete course in sleight of hand with playing cards ever written, teaching the essential sleights for the card magician.

Many of today’s finest magicians began with Hugard and Braue’s classic book, including world-renowned card expert R. Paul Wilson. On these DVDs, Paul guides you along this Royal Road, demonstrating the sleights and effects from the book along with many important touches from his own repertoire. Paul guides you effortlessly through each chapter, using clear and concise instructions combined with multiple camera angles. He also performs most of the tricks in the book for an informal audience, allowing the student to see each effect before learning it.

The Royal Road To Card Magic DVD set can be purchased here, directly from L&L Publishing.

Michael Ammar’s Easy To Master Card Miracles

Simply the greatest collection of powerful card magic ever. This is the easiest way to learn the best card tricks, the card tricks performed by the pros! World Champion Michael Ammar, a best-selling author, award winning lecturer, and world-class perfomer, handpicked each effect. The production quality, multiple camera angles and up-close Super Practice Sessions make learning easier than ever before.

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 1

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 2

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 3

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 4

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 5

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 6

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 7

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 8

Easy To Master Card Miracles Volume 9