World’s Greatest Magic

Ace Assemblies V1
Ace Assemblies V2
Ace Assemblies V3
Ambitious Classic
Anniversary Waltz
Cannibal Cards
Card Fanning
Card on Ceiling
Card Through Handkerchief
Card To Wallet
Card Warp
Cards Across
Chicago Opener
Chop Cup
Cigarette Through Quarter
Close-up Magic V1
Close-up Magic V2
Close-up Magic V3
Coins Across
Coins Through Table
Color Changing Knives
Cups & Balls V1
Cups & Balls V2
Cups & Balls V3
Dinner Table Magic
Expanded Shells
Finger Ring Magic
Folding Coin/Coin in Bottle
Gaffed Coins
Gambling Routines
Gypsy Thread
Linking Rings
MacDonald’s Aces
Magic with Business Cards
Magic with Dice
Magic with Everyday Items
Master Card Technique V1
Master Card Technique V2
Master Card Technique V3
Matrix/Coin Assemblies
Metal Bending
Money Magic
Oil & Water
Out of This World
Professional Rope Routines
Professor’s Nightmare
Ring Flight
Ring on Rope
Scotch & Soda, Dime & Penny, CT Half
Self-Working Card Tricks V1
Self-Working Card Tricks V2
Self-Working Card Tricks V3
Silk Magic V1
Silk Magic V2
Slydini’s Knotted Silks
Sponge Balls
Stack of Quarters/Copper Silver
Stand-up Magic V1
Stand-up Magic V2
Stand-up Magic V3
Storytelling Decks
Tenkai Pennies
The Ambitious Card
The Bill in Lemon
The Card Stab
The Classic Force
The Collin’s Aces
The Color Changing Deck
The Endless Chain
The Fabulous Three Ball Trick
The Last Trick of Dr. Jacob Daley
The Secrets of Packet Tricks V1
The Secrets of Packet Tricks V2
The Secrets of Packet Tricks V3
Thread Magic
Thumb Tips
Torn & Restored Card
Torn & Restored Newspaper
Triumph V1
Triumph V2
Triumph V3
Wild Card