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Here I Go Again! -

Autographed Baby Gag! - A great opening for any stand-up act! Bill gives this comedy routine a clever twist!
A Small Card Trick! - A very visual close-up version of the Diminishing Cards!
Marloís Miracle Ace Cutting! - A sure-fire ending for Ed Marloís legendary Ace cutting routine.
Jumping, Changing and Vanishing Aces! - Enjoy Billís version of Larry Jenningsí ďSlap Aces.Ē
Shuffling Off the Spots! - Billís ďAll Backs and FacesĒ routine, a nice interlude to perform anytime, anywhere, with any deck.
Lightning Fast Triumph! - (Marloís Simple Triumph) This version of Triumph will take you by surprise!
Rub-a-Dub-Dub / Cups and Balls - (With Special Thanks to Phil Willmarth) Worth the whole price of the set! Jack Batemanís classic Cups and Balls poem with a knock-out finale by Lance Pierce!

Bonus Tricks:
Billís Trademark Cards from Mouth - At last, Bill reveals the real work on the Cards from Mouth!
Jack In a Box - A quickie using just one card and the card box.

Bill's Tips:
Taking It to the Next Level
Situating Yourself in the Right Place
Secrets to Increase Your Quick Wit Abilities

Thinking Manís Sponge Ball Routine! - A sponge ball routine you will use! Billís performed this routine for over 25 years!
Marloís Color-Changing Deck Routine! - Billís presentation and touches on another Marlo masterpiece!
Mind-Reading Magician! - Billís presentation and thoughts on the Chicago Opener/Red Hot Mama!
Keeping My Money Safe! - S.A.N.D.Y. This is an absolutely unbelievable Coins Across by Billís friend, Dave Neighbors. This routine is a killer!
Dealing A Good Hand! - Billís handling of the famous Marlo-Gardner Poker Deal!
The Six-Card Trick! - ďSorry for the DelayĒ A Joe Riding effect with touches and additions by Bill and his old friend from the New York Magic Lounge, Terry Vecky!

Bonus Tricks
Ravelliís Waterfall Shuffle - Ron Wohlís brilliant false shuffle from the late 1960s!
Steve Forteís ďNo Look AcesĒ - From ďThe ManĒ himself! Steve allowed Bill to share this great visual Ace cutting demonstration!

Billís Tips
Putting Together a Stand-Up Show
My Trade Show Pitch
Drilling a Good Show Into Your Head
Following Up With Your Clients

The Old Rope Trick! - Billís friend, comedy magician Rich Purpura, shares one of his opening effectsóa cut and restored rope that never restores.
Those Scary Cannibal Cards! - Billís incredibly entertaining ďCannibal CardĒ routine!
Shipwrecked! - Billís presentation of Darylís now famous ďDiamond BarĒ routine!
Ernieís Sex Test! - Ernie Spence, the number one bar magician in Chicago, gives us this hilarious routine. Bill performed this throughout his bar magic days.
Which Oneís Missing? An easy-to-do trick that packs a huge punch with adults and children.
A Tribute to Johnny Carson! - Billís ďCards To PocketĒ routine.
Hands-Off Memory Test! - A three-phase routine using the Aronson Stack!
Come Back Jack! Billís prize-winning handling and presentation of the Homing Card plot!

Bonus Tricks: Collins/Lewis Vanishing Aces! - A true classic, Michael Skinner-style.

Billís Tips
Restaurant Magicó The Ownerís Point of View!
How Much Should You Charge
Dealing with Meeting Planners

On The Loose:

Ultimate Three Card Monte - Billís comical presentation of the Michael Skinner Classic! A great way to open your close-up show!
Sam the Bellhop - Billís signature effect as seen on TVís Worldís Greatest Magic, explained with all the moves and timing in complete detail.
I Donít Even Have a Pocket - An Ambitious Card routine with a hilarious ending.
I Should Have Done It Myself - Guaranteed reaction every time with this seldom seen idea! If itís good enough for Fred Kaps, itís good enough for you!
Cheating in Las Vegas with the Aces - A display of card control Bill has been performing for over 20 years.
Back the Way They Were - Commmercial thoughts on presentation for Dr. Daleyís Last Trick. This classic should be in every professionalís close-up bag!
Test of Strength - The Slydini Silks is truly one of magic great secrets. See Bill Maloneís performance and hear him explain this classic of magic!

Counterfeit Money - Billís stand-up version of Bill in Lemon. You will love this one!
Cut íEm High and Tie - Using the element of surprise, Bill takes a Spectator Cuts the Aces routine to a whole new level!
Think Touch Turn - This presentation of a Marlo classic first appeared in Billís out-of-print, hard-to-find lecture notes.
Favorite Opener - Bill uses this all the time when he really wants to blow them away! Bill says, ďThis is strongótry it and you will see how powerful this really is!Ē
Matrix - Presentation An example of how to turn a great trick into an entertaining routine of amazement and fun!
End of Story - A killer ending for Brother John Hammanís Gemini Twins. Mr. Hamman told Bill it was the magic ingredient!

Direct from the Factory - Inspired by Michael Skinner, this version of the Mental Photography Cards is Billís favorite!
The Kings Produce - An easy-to-do Ace production using a combination of Marlo ideas.
Maxi-Twist - Mr. Roger Smithís unbelievable classic of magic with Billís presentation!
Apex Aces 2002 - An important touch on the original Apex Aces plus visual reappearance!
Name Any Number and You Can Do It Too! - Two card classics come together with Billís magical blend of Paul Cumminsí masterpiece, Count On It, and David Solomonís ingenious Cutting Tens!
Billís Cards Across - As seen on ABCís Champions of Magic! Your audience will love this fun routine which Bill uses all the time for stand-up and close-up.
Standing Ovation Invisible Deck - Billís wonderful presentation for the Invisible Deck, which builds and builds into a guaranteed standing ovation!

Twisted Flush - A Marlo twisting routine with a surprise ending!
How Cheaters Cheat - Billís audience-tested Invisible Palm routine, which he has been performing for over 20 years!
Radical Aces - An extremely visual Ace production from a deck first shuffled by a spectator.
Resetting Reset - Billís version of Paul Harrisí Reset which he performed every night for three years at the famed New York Magic Lounge in Chicago.
Good Trick, Bad Trick - A fun way of doing a fan force! Skinnerís Matches For the first time Michaelís entire impromptu match routine which surprises even the most intelligent spectators!
Walk Around Knives - Billís color-changing knife routine. Perfect for the strolling magician when no tables are available.
Four Burglars - A funny version of the Four Burglar trick with a knock-out punch at the end.
Only Had Two - A brilliant idea from the legendary Mr. Larry Jennings!
Two Card Impossible Location - A Marlo card location with an interesting idea of covering the method!
Bill Malone on the Multiple Selection - Billís whole routine plus a great new convincing control for the selections!

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