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Four Face Assembly



The magician proudly presents an innovative version of a classic of card magic: the Four Ace Assembly. What makes it so new and different? Instead of Aces, it's done with Queens. It's a novel and offbeat routine, and the specially-printed and die-cut gimmicks make this surprisingly easy to do; only a few standard sleights are involved. The Queen of Spades is set aside, face down. The other three Queens are dealt into a row and, as per tradition, three indifferent cards are put on top of each. Now, one at a time, each Queen vanishes from its packet. But look - they really vanish, because the each Queen is physically gone from the card stock, leaving behind only the cut-out space where the picture used to be! The handling for each vanish changes, so that each time it's more amazing than before. So, where did the Queens go? There's a surprise twist on the standard climax, because when the Queen of Spades is turned over, all four of the Queens have assembled together, printed on that one card!
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