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Blizzard By Dean Dill



A spectator is asked to think of one card and then name that card. Let's say, the Seven of Hearts. You advise the spectator that you will remove from the deck his Seven of Hearts and the other three sevens as well. You place the deck face down on the table as you ask the spectator to take the four of a kind that you have removed and point to the card that they feel is theirs, without looking at the faces. You immediately show that the other three cards are blank. You then turn over the top two cards of the deck showing that the ˘jokers÷ are blank. You then turn over the next four cards showing the ˘Aces÷ to be blank. You then toss out the remaining cards face up in a flurry of all blank cards, a virtual blizzard of white face cards. Only one card remains face down. They are asked to turn it over to reveal the one card that they had freely named! Uses blue Bicycle cards.
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