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3-Dean Trilogy by Dean Dill



After nearly two decades of entertaining with magic, Dean again shares some of the finest material in his repertoire. He's not only a superb close-up artist, but also a sought after teacher, consultant, and lecturer. He has taught such people as David Copperfield and Johnny Carson, and has appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Volume 1 - Intimate Coin Miracles. New Simple Matrix Simple Matrix Backfire Chink-A-Dink No Extras 4-2-2 Coins, Glass & Silk X-Plosion

Volume 2 - Intimate Close-up Miracles. With cards, coins, dice, rope, and bills. Do or 'Dice' Pennies from Heaven Jamie's Trick Plastrik Card Plastrik Coin Doug's Favorite & Beyond Sweet & Dough Hart's Link

Volume 3 - Coin Magic 2000. Dean's back with 9 new tricks for the new millennium, including several innovations on his favorite routine to tinker with: Matrix. Call Shot Trans-Mission-Impossible Journey Matrix Journey Matrix Backfire Coins through Table Dinner Napkin Roths-child Peter Mal's Brainstorm