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Memento (Gimmick and DVD) by David Regal - DVD



David Regal Memento

One effect possible with MEMENTO:

A card is freely selected from a deck and returned. The magician points to a card box that has been in view from the start. Inside is found a clear crystal block that showcases a playing card...The card as the words "My Favorite Card" written across its face... The card is an exact match for the selection!

Another effect possible with MEMENTO:

A spectator signs a card and returns it to the deck. The magician reaches into his pocket and INSTANTLY removes a crystal clear block that contains the signed card.BEAUTIFUL AND BAFFLING

* Any card can be selected

* A different card every time

* Easy to do, with solid impact

Includes a beveled, crystal clear block manufactured exclusively for Memento, special gimmicks, additional supplies and an instructional DVD.

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