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Modern Magic (3 DVD set) by Will Houstoun and RSVP Magic - DV



The New 3 DVD set from rsvpmagic starring the amazing Will Houstoun. Over Five Hours of magic packed onto 3 DVDs in a stunning Limited Edition presentation pack. World Class Sleight of Hand Magic from one of it's finest technicians.

Disc 1 - Coins (10 routines - 2 moves)

Flip Fly,Bakers Three Fly, Coin 0.5, JW Grip Vanish/Production, Fire Coins, The Shilling in Candle, RH Retention, Symphony in Silver, Convenient Coin, Finger Ring, Bouncing Shadows, Anytime Shadows.

Disc 2 - Cards (15 Routines)

Choices, 18th C Transpo, Minimal Assembly, Angelic Aces, Wood Cutter's Aces, Guesstimation, Impossible Aces, Order and Chaos, Push Through Shuffle, The Hunters, Fast Food, GK Aces, BS, Test Card to Pocket, Christopher's Middle Ace Trick, Set 1, Set 2, Set 3.

Disc 3 - Moves & Flourishes (21 Moves - 4 Flourishes)

Spin, Fan Control, Fan Shift, Anti-Gravity Shift, RSP, RSF, Push Through Shuffle, Packet Switch 1, Packet Switch 2, Packet Switch 3, Tabled Add On 1, Tabled Add On 2, Tabled Add On 3, Palm Transfer 1, Palm Transfer 2, Simple Sybil, Rotate, Simple Yoda Flipper Sleeve Production Skin Production JW Grip, Vanish/Production RH Retention Maintenance Lightness of touch.

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